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Birthday Party Process

The big day has arrived, now what? We’ve outline how the party program is run to insure your child and friends have a wonderful time!


  1. If you have requested invitations, we will have them ready within 2 business days.
  2.  If you are having a canvas party,  your child can choose the painting they would like to paint during their party here.
  3. Party Day
    1. Arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to get settled, bring in any items needed
    2. Your Party Hostess will greet you and help you get set-up in the party room
    3. The Party Hostess will lead the children through their art project (the art session takes up to half the party time)
    4. Approximately halfway through the party, the Party Hostess will clear the projects from the table and prepare the table for food consumption
    5. The remainder of the party is dedicated to cake, ice cream, food and presents (if time permits)
    6. At the end of the party, the Party Hostess will settle up the final bill with you
    7. Non-fired arts such as mosaics and canvases will be taken home with the party attendees. Fired art such as pottery, clay, and glass will remain at the studio for firing.
  4. Post-Party
    1. Items needing fired will be processed by the studio
    2. Upon all items being complete, the party items will be packaged for pick-up and distribution. Each child’s item will be individually bagged and labeled for easy distribution

Birthday Party Terms

We are excited to help your child have the most fun and enjoyable birthday party! The day will be a fun day with friends making their very own creations and keepsakes to cherish forever.


  • Reservations Required. $35 Non-Refundable deposit due upon reservation. Deposit will be deducted from your party total the day of your party.

  • Party packages are charged at the rate of up to 10 kids (including the birthday child). The Bumble Bee package may be charged at the rate of up to 8 kids (check your local Busy Bees for more information).

  • Party package prices are non-negotiable.

  • Projects selected for the party must be completed during the party time. Unused/unfinished pieces will not be released or refunded.

  • Balance due at the end of your party.

  • Due to space limitations, parties are drop off and parents should be informed to pick their children up in approximately 1 ½ hours from start of the party. Parents are welcome to paint in the studio during the party time.

  • Our party room can accommodate up to 20 children. If you have more than 20 in your party we can move out into the main studio (this varies per location, check with your local Busy Bees).

  • You may bring in any outside food & drink that you wish. Please remember your paper/food products.

  • You may also decorate the party room as you like, as long as the decorations are removed when you leave.

  • Birthday parties are fun but can be messy. Please do not wear clothing that can be ruined. Busy Bees is not liable for any articles of clothing compromised during creating. Acrylic paint can be removed by dish washing detergent and warm water.
  • The host family is responsible for pick up and distribution of all party items. The studio does not store party items for pick up.

  • The party room is reserved for the time designated per package. Failure to leave the party room promptly will result in a forfeit of your $35 deposit. If excessive time is used, the studio reserves the right to charge for additional party room rental time.

  • Prices subject to change at any time.