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Estimated Initial Investment

The estimates below show the low to high range for the Estimated Initial Investment for a Busy Bees® Pottery & Arts Studio Franchise location. This amount is based on the franchise fee, building improvements, furniture, fixtures, equipment, signage, inventory, travel, rent deposits, insurance, some working capital, and other costs.

The values also range based on the geographic location of your studio. Not all these items require cash upfront (i.e., inventory is ordered and an account is established with our vendors). There are several ways to framework your investment, suggestions, and recommendations can be found by clicking the buttons above.

Item Low High

Reservation & Franchise Fee

$29,995 $29,995

Rent & Deposit

$3,000 $7,000

Tenant Improvements

$2,000 $12,000

Blueprints, Plans & Specifications

$3,000 $5,000

Furniture, Equipment, Fixtures

$5,000 $10,000


$1,500 $1,500
Exterior Sign $1,000 $7,000

POS/Computer System

$1,500 $2,000

Initial Inventory

$12,000 $18,000

Grand Opening Marketing, Posters, Seasonal Window Displays

$3,000 $5,000

Professional Fees

$1,000 $5,000

Travel & Living Expenses While Training

$1,000 $2,000


$500 $2,000


$500 $5,000

Electrical/Phone Deposits

$300 $2,400

Additional Funds (working capital)

$10,000 $25,000


$75,295 $138,895


The franchise fee is a one-time payment of $29,995 made at the time you sign the franchise agreement. There are no additional charges for your training and for our assistance in opening your studio, other than out-of-pocket travel and lodging expenses.


The on-going royalty rate is 5% of sales. There is also a contribution to the marketing materials development fund of 1% of sales. Busy Bees® Pottery & Arts Studio requires that you allocate 2% of your sales to your own local marketing and advertising.